General Fishing Rules

1. Property left at owners’ risk.

2. No pets allowed.

3. All litter must be taken home.

4. Unaccompanied Children to leave the complex by 6pm.

5. Landing nets must be used & dipped before going to pay

6. Barbless hooks only, any other forms of hook are not allowed.

7. Branded carp pellets only, or purchased on site

8. Rods are not to be left unattended.

9. Ledgers and swim feeders to be free running.



10. Keep nets are not allowed.

11. No Meat, bloodworm or artificial bait. Ground bait, hemp, boillies or swimstim products. Bait containing nuts or liquidised food.

12. No Floating pole, rattlers, braid line or lining.

13. Please do not put unused bait into the waters or on the bank at the end of fishing. Please take litter home.

14. All fish must be handled with care and returned straight to the water.

15. No dispersing of litter, fishing line or cigarette ends.

16. Each person is held responsible for their peg.